Friday, April 23, 2010

Jon Stewart - 'Obamacare is Derogatory'

It does not look like Stewart is joking when he says that Obamacare is derogatory. Does that mean ReidCare, PelosiCare, and RomneyCare are also derogatory? None are derogatory, they are descriptive terms to let you know what you are talking about. If I were to ask you what you thought about health care reform/overhaul you would either have to assume I was talking in generalities or ask me to be more specific. Instead of saying 'what do you think of Reid's version of changing our health care system' it is much simpler to say 'what do you think of ReidCare'.

If it is derogatory, what exactly is impugned; Obama by association to the health care changed or the health care by association with Obama? Neither really makes sense unless you want to stretch the notion of derogatory to somehow mean using an issue to attack someone politically. If that is your standard then all Democrats are being impugned by any mention of the Healthcare bill, runaway deficit spending, tax hikes...

Video embedded below. (jump to 2:00 for the exchange)

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"If “Obamacare” is derogatory, who or what is being derogated? Is this “health care reform” being impugned by its association with Obama? Or is Obama being insulted by associating him with it? Presumably Jon Stewart is in favor of both. So where’s the disparagement? Which one is being brought down by the other?

Stewart likens this phrase to using “teabaggers” to describe members of the Tea Party. Is he really comparing Barack Obama, the President of the United States, to the practice of dipping one’s testicles into another person’s mouth?


  1. the Outrage!

    No one cares about this, but in case you weren't sure- the right-wing was referring to healthcare proposals as "Obamacare" before "obamacare" existed. They engineered an opposition to it based on the opposition to Clinton in 1992, its where the term Clintoncare comes from.

    haha but a descriptive term? it doesn't describe anything but your own bias

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - 'Outrage' now; strange though. It is a descriptive title, Obama's version (or likely version) of health care changes. Even if you disagree with that, how it is possibly Derogatory, and how does this show bias?


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