Saturday, April 24, 2010

Five Guys (Revisited)

I went to Five Guys today for a late lunch and had what may have been my first problem with the place; they put cheese on my burger. As far as problems go it is pretty low on the list, but I did not want cheese on my burger. I walked back to front and told them that there was not supposed to be cheese on it. The man took my took my slip to see what was supposed to be on the burger, apologized for their error, and told me he would make me a new one. That is where most restaurants would have stopped, but not Five Guys.

The man re-wrapped the cheeseburger, put it in a bag, and insisted I take it. This was not a take it so we do not have to make you a new burger, it was a take it even though we are already in the process of making you a new one. I sat back down to wait for the new burger, and within a minute the man was over at my table asking if there was anything else I wanted; 'do you want some more fries, grill cheese, hot dog, a soda...'. I told him that I already had a drink, that there was no way I was finishing the fries I already had, and that I would just wait for my burger. Rare is the service that is so accommodating that brushes up against being annoying.

The new burger was ready a few minutes after that which came out perfectly. When I finished it and left I had a cheeseburger and a lot of left over fries to give to someone who needed it on my lengthy walk back to my apartment.

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