Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Five Guys

A friend of mine has started a new blog; Trendy in NYC. We went to Five Guys (specifically), a place I first came across in DC and was pleased to find here in NYC. You can read her review here, though she did not eat the food save a few fries I gave her and taking advantage of the free refills with a soda. The choice of food is rather limited, but that does not really effect me since I like a good burger and fries. They have an open barrel of peanuts in the middle of the place which you are free to take from, though they ask you not to leave the store with any because of people's allergy's. If you are allergic to peanuts, stay far away from this place, but if you like them this could be a mini paradise for you. Everything is cooked once you order, so the peanuts act as a free mini appetizer while you wait a few minutes. The refills on the drinks are free and the fries are plentiful, if you want them. Everything is ordered individually (no meal combos). The way they serve fires is to fill the container size you order (either small or large), then throw another scoop of fries in the bag on top of that. A small will likely be sufficient for two unless your are exceedingly hungry. If it turns out you want more, you can just order another. It is not table serve. You order and pay at the register, get a number, and then get your food from the counter when your number is called. You can leave with the food, or eat at one of the many tables in the restaurant. That is what I usually do to take advantage of the free refills and peanuts.

Good food, friendly people, nice atmosphere; a great restaurant if you are not allergic to peanuts and are in the mood for a good burger/hot dog and fries. Free refiles, mounds of fries, cooked to order, reasonable prices, can not ask for much more than that.

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