Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terrorists "Saved or Created"

'Saved or created'; we hear it all the time in relation to the stimulus/bailout. The argument goes 'we may continue to be losing jobs with unemployment higher then was projected if the bailout was not passed, but without it we would have lost even more. Thus, we have "save" job of people that would otherwise have been fired and also added jobs even though on balance more have been lost'. I do appreciate the logic behind the notion, but concerned regarding the political savviness of creating a system of measure that can never be verified. There is no way to ever prove, or perhaps more importantly disprove, the 'saved' number. To illustrate that point effectively, Claudia Rosett asks how many terrorists have been 'saved or created'. (via)

"Perhaps the “saved or created” label would be better applied to a different arena, one in which government policy right now has a greater probability of “saving and creating” something — though, unfortunately, that “something” happens to be terrorists bent on attacking America. How many terrorists were “saved or created” by the kind of policies Jimmy Carter is defending? How many will be “saved or created” by the current policy of trying to diplomatically coddle Iran out of the nuclear bomb program — and ensuing clout — that its rulers are clearly bent on pursuing? How many terrorists will be “saved or created” by the project of putting (alleged) Sept. 11 self-described mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in lower Manhattan — thus providing him a world stage?"

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