Monday, November 23, 2009

Microsoft Offers to Pay News Corp to Remove Itself From Google

Microsoft has made an offer to News Corp to remove itself from Google's search engine in exchange for payment. Such an arrangement may have no impact at all. Other sites still listed in Google may link to the stories from News Corp. It also could have a major impact. It could start a trend and/or force people to consider which search engine to use with the knowledge that certain sources are only available on certain search engines.

"Microsoft (MSFT) wants to pay News Corp (NWS) and other large publishers to de-list their Web sites from Google's (GOOG) search index, the Financial Times reports.

The idea is to force Google (GOOG) to pay for content, thinning its currently fat margins.
we can't imagine links to worthwhile stories originating from News Corp not finding their way onto sites that will happily remain indexed in Google's search engine free of charge.

Still, if News Corp were to "de-list" from Google, we'd expect to see all kinds of ads touting Bing as the only place to find the Wall Street Journal and MySpace pages online.

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