Monday, November 30, 2009

Huckabee Pardoned Cop Killer?

Maurice Clemmons, a man being sought for questioning in connection to the execution style ambush killing of four Lakewood police officers, was pardoned by then Governor Huckabee. It is important to note that he has not been called a suspect yet, but if he turns out to be anything more than a accidental witness this could be bad news for Huckabee. It is already obviously bad news to the four fallen officers and their families who have lost a love one.

"Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old Tacoma man being sought for questioning in the killing of four Lakewood police officers this morning, has a long criminal record punctuated by violence, erratic behavior and concerns about his mental health.

Nine years ago, then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee granted clemency to Clemmons, commuting his lengthy prison sentence over the protests of prosecutors.

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