Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Norah O’Donnell (MSNBC) Ambushes 17 Year Old Palin Admirer

I remember Susan Roesgen being 'let go' for doing the same thing (start here, then see this, this, and then this) accept the person she was interviewing was old enough to vote. Jackie Seal is 17. Do not expect anything to happen to O’Donnell save some accolades.

Video embedded below.

"It wasn’t the only false statement. Jackie forced O’Donnell to explain her statement that Palin backed the bailouts rather than take O’Donnell’s word for it. The only thing O’Donnell could offer was a wan statement of generic support for John McCain from Palin, not an explicit “hey, let’s give away a trillion dollars to Wall Street” policy statement. O’Donnell not only looked for someone she could bully, but then did so dishonestly, rather than report objectively or even argue honestly."

You can see Jackie Seal's response / after thought at

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