Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Black Box' For Guns

The new 'Black Box' for guns could provide valuable information to commanders and soldiers. A display can be set up to show a solider how many bullets they have left in the clip without needing to keep count in their head or remove the clip for an actual count. The data could be aggregated to let command know where supplies are needed most. It would also provide valuable data on both user habits and gun performance. That user data could then be used to design better suited firearms for what and how soldiers actually use them and detect any design flaws much faster. The data could also have legal uses among law enforcement to provided detailed information as to who, where, and when shots were fired.


"The new gadget could possibly record details such as where shots were fired and the intended target, and even indirectly finger the identity of the weapon user by using GPS and the weapon's identification number. That would allow individual soldiers to know how many shots they had fired without checking their magazines or ammo if hooked up to a Land Warrior system, and commanders could see if their troops are in danger of running low on ammo. Manufacturers could also know when a weapon might require maintenance, or if a particular gun had troubles such as jamming.

A black box device might also tip off higher-ups regarding the details of when and where weapons were fired, which could prove useful in follow-up investigations involving accidents or possible misbehavior. It could also inform after-action reports to help determine how to better improve soldier performance.

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  1. Great, another toy to let higher-ups second guess the soldiers. F**k you people that think it's a good idea. Do 5 f**king deployments and then preach to me about what's a good idea.


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