Monday, November 30, 2009

Swiss Voters Ban Arabic Minarets

The Swiss have voted to ban Arabic Minarets.

"The Swiss have approved a ban on the construction of minarets, according to incomplete results of voting on Sunday.

The gfs.bern polling institute said an estimated 58 per cent of voters had backed the initiative. A majority of cantons were also in support of a minaret ban.

Turnout was high at around 55 per cent.

Ace is "torn.

On one hand, it's an unambiguous message from ordinary folks to their political elite (and to muslims). They see Islamist aggression not far beyond their borders and they will not allow it to metastasize within their own nation.

On the other, it was a public vote on what is acceptable religious symbolism, which is dangerous and gives me the willies.

I would add to that analysis that it seems pointless. If you assume that the goal behind the motion was to stop the spread of Muslim influence it will almost certainly fail. The Minarets are not what they should be worrying about but a massive influx of immigrants combined with a plummeting birthrate of the current population.

More links at including how women lead the vote to ban the Minarets.

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