Thursday, November 26, 2009

Margaret Bergmann Lambert (95) Has Record Restored in Germany After it Was Erased Because She Was Jewish

At the age of 95, Margaret Bergmann Lambert has had her high jump record restored in Germany that she set in 1936. By the age of 22 she had equaled the German record and had been on the German team for two years. She was removed from the team and record books because she was Jewish. Lambert escaped to America in 1937 playing on the American team until World War Two broke out and she retired. I just want to know what took so long and if there are any others out their still waiting for their records to be restored.

"Germany has restored the 1936 high jump record to a 95-year-old Queens woman who was kicked off the Nazi Olympic team because she was Jewish.

Margaret Bergmann Lambert was banned from the Berlin Olympics despite matching the high-jump record of 5 feet 3 inches to qualify and having spent two years on the team, starting in 1934.

"I was a person nonexisting because I was a Jew," Lambert told the Daily News on Monday night from her home in Jamaica.
Adding to the insult was the athlete who the Nazis selected to replace her: a jumper named Dora Ratjen - who was later revealed to be a man whose real name was Horst Ratjen.

Ratjen was kicked off the team in 1938 when a doctor took a look at his genitals.

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