Saturday, November 28, 2009

'ClimateGate' or 'ClimaQuiddick'

'ClimateGate' or 'ClimaQuiddick'? I have been referring to the leaked/hacked emails suggesting a Global Warming fraud among top scientists as ClimateGate. Attaching a 'gate' on the end of a word/phase is a way to indicate a political scandal deriving from Watergate. It also suggests some sort of a media frenzy around the controversy. This would be expected from most political scandals; most but not all. Enter 'quiddick'. Attaching a 'quiddick' on the end of a word/phrase is a way to indicate a media whitewash of a political scandal deriving from Chappaquiddick. It seems ClimaQuiddick is the more appropriate or accurate name given the lack of media coverage and fact it was the Canadian media who were first to report that John Holdren (Obama Science Czar) may be directly involved in the scandal. Perhaps 'gate' should be used anyways in some hope that the media will pick up what by all accounts appears a significant story.

"From Transterrestrial Musings, "Nomenclature":

Some have noted, and I agree that it’s a misnomer to call this “ClimateGate.” In addition to the fact that simply adding “Gate” to a scandal is so late twentieth century, calling it a “Gate” would imply that it’s something that the media will go into a frenzy over, because it’s a scandal about something politically incorrect (e.g., Nixon). No, a better name for it (again, not original with me — I think it showed up in comments at one of the PJM pieces) is “Climaquiddick.” In other words, expect the media to try to whitewash and minimize it.

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