Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iran to Build Ten New Uranium Enrichment Plants

Does this mean that it is time to fuel up the jets, impose some serious economic sanctions, or just roll over and let Iran go nuclear? It would seem there are no other real options. I would opt for options one and two at the same time. Hope serious sanctions change the mind of the Iranian leadership but not wait to long if it appears it has not risking they will get the bomb while we wait. This outcome was not unforeseeable. It was seen as more than likely to many if not most. That has a duel meaning. First, it is not really Obama's fault that it failed as few thought it would work but many were hopeful it would to avoid the need for military action. Second, it should mean that Obama has already fully developed a plan b. Time to see what plan b is.

"Iran has announced plans to build ten new uranium enrichment plants in a gesture of defiance to the West.

The escalation of its nuclear programme was unveiled today, two days after world powers ordered Iran to halt construction of a plant near Qom and to adhere immediately to five United Nations resolutions demanding it stop uranium enrichment.

The censure from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), with rare backing from Russia and China, provoked anger in Iran where members of parliament demanded the withdrawal of co-operation with UN inspectors.

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