Saturday, November 21, 2009

Site Hierarchies to be Displayed in Google Search Results

Google is changing the way results are being displayed when you search. This is a feture that often goes unnoticed to many searchers. You can see the long green URL of where you are about to go, but often times it is to long and indescript to be of much help. Now, instead of that long URL the 'site hierarchies' will be displayed instead so you can see exactly where within the site you are going.

"Often, however, URLs are too long, too short, or too obscure to add useful information. For example, consider this result from ProductWiki for the query [spidersapien reviews]:

The URL of this result is "," which doesn't provide much additional information about the site or this result. Now take a look at the result with the new site hierarchy display:

The new text provides useful information about the page. You can tell that the ProductWiki site has information about many different products, organized in different categories, and you can even tell that Spidersapien is a robot toy. In addition, each phrase in the green line is actually a link.

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