Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hamas Offers $1.4 Million For an Israeli Soldier

A charity run by the interior minister of Hamas has offered $1.4 Million for a captured Israeli soldier. Given how much they keep talking about wanting peace, I assume that they only want to talk to the soldier and then will let him go. You know, the way they are talking to Gilad Shalit.

I warned, and was by no means alone, that the Israelis trading prisoners for a video of Gilad Shalit (video) would encourage further kidnappings.

On the bright side at least we now know where our $900 million of 'Aid' went. (via)

"A Gaza charity headed by the interior minister of the militant Hamas group on Wednesday offered $1.4 million to any Arab citizen of Israel who abducts a soldier.

Palestinians have frequently called on Israeli Arabs to abduct Israeli soldiers, but this is the first time that money has been offered.

The Waad group from Gaza offered the bounty for Israeli soldiers in an e-mail sent to Palestinian media. The organization, which supports Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, is headed by Hamas' Interior Minister Fathi Hamad. The minister did not return messages seeking comment.

The charity could presumably raise the cash through its connections with Hamas. The militant group is thought to have millions of dollars at its disposal, both through its tight control of Gaza and support from Iran and other allies.

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