Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Israel to Trade 20 Prisoners For a Video of Gilad Shalit

Israel is preparing to trade 20 prisoners for a video of Gilad Shalit; a video. As I said in my last post about Shalit when it looked like he was about to be released (Berman Post: Gilad Shalit to be Released?); the problem with any deal is that it may encourage more cross boarder raids with the goal of capturing more Israeli soldiers to make deals with. That was when the probable trade was a prisoner exchange. This trade is prisoners for a video. It is an even worse idea because the incentive now is even greater. Capture an Israeli soldier and you do not even have to give them back to get prisoners, pictures of the captured soldier are enough. (via

"Israel is set to receive fresh video footage of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit proving he is alive in exchange for the release of 20 female Palestinian prisoners.

Shalit has been held in the Gaza Strip since his abduction in 2006 by Palestinian militants.

The video will be handed over after a decision by Israel's security cabinet to release 20 Palestinian women held in Israeli jails, Israeli daily Haaretz said on Wednesday.

The video will be viewed as definite proof that Shalit is still alive.

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