Monday, September 28, 2009

MySpace Bombards Twitter With Status Updates, Pushes to Second Place

MySpace's Twitter integration has led to a flood of status updates to Twitter (Berman Post: Twitter Integrated Into MySpace and AOL). So many in fact, that MySpace's url shortener is now the second most used on Twitter. It is a distant second from, but more than 50 percent ahead of third place

"Never underestimate the power of two-way sync and large social networks. A week ago, MySpace turned on two-way sync with Twitter, allowing members to post their status updates to Twitter directly from MySpace. Those updates appear in Twitter with a short link back to MySpace, using MySpace’s own link shortener, “”

MySpace status updates are now flooding Twitter. Those MySpace short links account for 17 percent of all passed links on Twitter, according to Tweetmeme, making it the No. 2 link shortener after, which rules with 68 percent. The day of the launch, accounted for 8.56 percent of all passed links on Twitter. MySpace has had its own short URL for about six months, but it’s only now taking off with two-way sync.

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