Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twitter Integrated Into MySpace and AOL

A clear sign that both Twitter is becoming more main stream and the trend toward integration is accelerating, Twitter has been integrated in to MySpace and AOL. This means some of the 'work-arounds' may now fall by the wayside.

"This week, fans of MySpace have started taking their @usernames with them by syncing their accounts with Twitter.

When you sync your MySpace account with Twitter, you'll be able to update your status as you normally would from your home page, status and mood page, or mobile phone. When you update your status on MySpace it will also update Twitter—and, the reverse is true.

"Like we said earlier today, people should read or write tweets wherever they prefer and there's a large portion of Internet users who prefer AOL. As a proud partner in AOL Lifestream, Twitter will be smoothly integrated into AIM, Bebo, and Some of your other favorite services like YouTube, Flickr, Digg, and Facebook are also part of the action."

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