Friday, September 18, 2009

Eight Percent of New Jersey Residents Think Obama is The Antichrist!?!

Really, 8% of New Jersey residents think Obama is the Antichrist? I think that may be just a 'ting' to far in terms of criticism. I want to know who thought of conducting such a survey as I would have thought that you would either end up with 0% (or within the margin of error), or 'jokesters' purposely trying to throw off your results. I am still not convinced, and indeed hopeful, that that is what was actually measured here; the number of people that thought the poll ridiculous enough that it should be messed with.

"If it’s eight percent in Jersey, what must it be in more conservative, religious states? Fifteen?

Those are the only numbers you’ll see touted on MSNBC tonight, I assure you, but dig deeper in the crosstabs and you’ll find plenty of nuance. If the Antichrist nuttiness is yet another twisted manifestation of white racism towards Obama — which is surely how it’ll be spun — what are we to make of the breakdown by race?


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