Friday, April 23, 2010

Bertha Lewis - 'Tea Party Movement Worse Than Jim Crow And Worse Than Internment'

You come to hear the ACORN head promote socialism, but stick around for the beyond over the top attacks on the Tea Party and Conservatives.

Video embedded below.


  1. I don't know why you seek to continue demonizing ACORN, the videos made by James O'keefe have been shown to be heavily edited, or at least doctored. Its why every judge has thrown the accusations out. DO you put this stuff up becuase your upset that a group helping the poor wasn't smeared as you would have liked?

  2. Haha i mean, Bertha Lewis, whatever you think of her beliefs is someone who has actually spent her life working to empower people to empower themselves. As opposed to Bill Whittle or Andrew Klaven or glenn renoldys, who just talk about their own pschology in the hopes that other's with similair social resentments witll join them and form an audience.

    You would be there in the 1910s when Socialist and organizer Rose Schneiderman was leading Jewish labor groups ( the struggle that gave Jews equality in America) and complain that she was too hard on anti-semites.

  3. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - do you get paid by ACORN? If not, you should look into it.

  4. I am happy and proud to carry water for acorn, ACORN is not just an organization, it IS the communities themselves, just organized. They are true patriots. the people in ACORN also happen to be very brave, sincere and just good people.

    Its the kind of goodness that people like james O'keefe and Breitbart take advantage of in order to concoct what has been shown over and ovver again as a total lie and hysteria.

    but even if I didn't think that they were sincere, they are patriots because of what they DO, you see that is the clutch, whatever it is the people who are associated with ACORN believe, they actually do things to help their fellow Americans. Whether its replaceing signage lost after Katrina, or registering people to vote. When people are poor, all they have is their collective power in order to make change. They scare power, because power doesn't like the powerless doing that.

    You on the other hand, would prefer to carry water for sarah palin, glenn beck, health insurance companies and oil conglomerates. Its a choice though one i don't understand and wish you would consider more thoughtfully.


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