Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama's End Run Around Congress

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"Congress has delegated so much power to the Executive Branch that this type of power grab is not only possible, it's legal and it's common:

That's from Americans for Prosperity, an advocacy group.


  1. The point here is correct, our system has evolved in a way in which the executive has an outsize amount of power, yet did Americans for Prosperity care when Bush was doing the same things with his initiatives? no, which really tells me that there is a larger point about Americans for Prosperity and the Tea movement which you like to identify yourself with.

    founded by billionaire David Koch of Koch industries, Americans For Prosperity is a good example of the kind of Republican Party interest/ lobbyist front group that mobilizes and organizes the Tea Party movement. Affiliated with Republican Party lobbying firms and evangelical groups, Funded by Republican and corporate interests - oil, tobacco, health insurance companies in order to propagandize and basically indocrinate for republican party causes. For example besides there work in the type of propaganda which ends up here, they pay to bus glenn beck fans out to "rallies", they dissmenate political advertisments which to me is just propaganda in which they misinform people and lie some more.

    Yet ask you, who posts information from them on his site, and you'll tell us that the tea baggers are a grass roots movement because they seem to make their own signs. That one was funny by the way.

  2. There is plenty of information out there by the way all basically showing that groups like the Tea Party Express are professionally coordinated corporate PR efforts funded and run by PR hacks, one such firm is Russo Marsh & Rogers, also known as King Media Group.

    Judgeing from the FEC report the Tea Party Express is primarily a Howrd Kaloogian project, a lobbyist and PR agent. The whole movement is cooked up- I don't know what other conclusion you think anyone should come to in light of the evidence to the contrary.

    I don't know why you think there interests are the same as yours.

  3. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - I do not pretend to speak for anyone else, and I am not sure why you keep insisting I do. You have to ask Americans for Prosperity why they feel this way and for how long they have. I suspect that your accusations against them are wrong.

    Even if one branch of the Tea Party is funded by a particular group, that says nothing about the rest. The Tea Party Protests are not a homogeneous movement with top down leadership. It is bottom up disgust with certain government policies.


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