Monday, April 19, 2010

Conyers (D) - 'Teabaggers Rational Abilities Are Compromised'

Conyers (D) should spend his time actually reading the bills he votes on instead of casting disparaging remarks against a group of people that see their country headed in a troubling direction and are tying to stop it before it is to late.

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  1. Even if you don't like the way he handled the bill - which as I've said before is a very bizarre form of concern trolling- Why is he wrong?

    You yourself a proud Tea bagger both support lower taxation and yet bemoan the fact that so many Americans do not pay any income tax. You want to cut spending on trivial matters and fret about the EU subsidizing people's vacations- while also advocating to enable the entitlement and defense behemoths to go on gobbling up Americans' wealth- including Israel.

    You scare monger about how the health reform bill will bring our deficit to a breaking point, yet won't even consider the possibility of supporting a single-payer system- which would actually bring down the deficit instead of the republican health care plan that they ended up adopting, which only may improve the situation marginally above the status-quo.

    Well congratulations, since Reagan the conservative movement has helped achieve a country where so many people are poor that they can be exempt from paying income taxes. It has concentrated the wealth and power of the country in the hands of fewer and fewer people- at the expense of it's own economic interest unless you are Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney or anyone laughing all the way to the bank on your dime.

    I don't know why you would think that most people in this world wouldn't feel like your rational abilities are compromised. I don't know why you wouldn't think people would feel like you are being used.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - You are wrong on so many levels it is hard to know where to start. I do not 'bemoan people paying no taxes' I am concerned about a tipping point where the majority paying no taxes will continually vote for the minority to pay an ever increasing amount of taxes.

    Do you really think a government paying people to take a tropical vacation and paying to defend its citizens are even close to the same thing. Normal people will support one and not the other.

    A single-payer system is not this magic bullet you seem to think it is. If it were, people would not fly to America to pay for services they could get for free in their home country.

    Reagan's policies led to the longest uninterrupted stretch of wealth creation in modern history.

  3. If the topic of discussion here was the rational abilities of tea baggers, then your reply pretty much makes my point.

    Why are you concerned about a "tipping point" that doesn't exist? I mean for who on this planet is that something people going about their lives are worried about? no one but people far down the looking glass or who just want to control people i guess, especially when the United States as a democracy is a putrid mess- because once every four years 50 percent of an eligible electorate participates in media hyped, public relations industry engineered extravaganzas in which they choose between a "democrat" and a "republican" we are a democracy? Yet your concerned that the marginal tax rate being raised on top income earners is a threat to democracy? haha talk about un-tethered

    Here too, your oddly concerned about that EU policy, even if you think it's ripe for satire, im sure it is, who cares? I think a much more concerning policy is the massive entitlements the US government gives to defense contractors in the year 2010 in order to fight the Soviet Union in 1978, or to things like Blackwater. But ask you and that's all just "paying to defend it's citizens" and you consider your views "normal"? maybe it is normal, but it certaintly isn't rational.

    Rich heads of state are flying to america for health care. Actual Americans are lining up for hours at free health care clinics like the kind my cousin runs, for sub-optimal check ups that people havn't had in years. Single payer is indeed not a magic bullet, its not my first choice either, but it certaintly is desierable to what we have now. Besides this is off topic again I only brought it up to demonstrate how deluded your policy prefrences are.

    Reagan's policies did indeed create: " the longest uninterrupted stretch of wealth creation in modern history", just not for anyone but 1 percent of americans. His policies distributed the wealth from most of the country to the richest. I just wrote about this, he cut income taxes on top earners, while at the same time levying taxes on everyone for the social security trust fund. Once the fund was created, it was used to finance more tax cut's for top income earners and his incredible deficit.

    There is a debate going on amongst conservative "intellegentsia" about the issue of epistemic closure on the right. I think it's pretty silly and you only have to go far back at william buckly's genius thoughts on the civil rights movement to realize that the conservative movement has always been defined by epistemic closure, but I bring it up because I think it's relevent to you.


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