Monday, April 19, 2010

Klein - 'Beck And Palin May be Committing Sedition Against US', Heilemann - 'Limbaugh Too'

Dissent is no longer patriotic; at least not until the Republicans are back in control.

Video embedded below.


  1. Do you want to explain how calling Barack Obama a racist who hates white people is dissent? Or how Sarah Palin lying to people about public policy is dissent? Was Mcarthy dissenting?

    this is kind of silly of you, if you wanna argue about them being seditious or whatever I don't really care, but to put these shysters (a multi-millonaire propagandist and reality TV star) up as "dissent" says more about your worldview then it does about Joe Klein or any of those fools.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - if you think Palin was lying, which she was not, you have to add the NY Times and numerous others to that list. Beck has explained his comment so many times that if you are really curious what he meant you should be able to look that up on your own.

    He is attacking them because he sees them as opposed to Obama. If that truly is the new measure of what sedition we should all be concerned.

  3. Like when he "explained" it to katie couric? BY not explaining it? I think the only way he can explain that is that he is projecting, or that he is concered with defending the "white culture". Why do you take it upon yourself to defend glenn beck?

    Palin lying is pretty much just cliche now, she's lieing to you too I dont know why it doesn't upset you.

    Your concered because your in the same boat as glenn beck, no one else is concerend.


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