Monday, April 19, 2010

Congress May be Fined Because of Its HealthCare Law

Funny things happen when you do not read the bill, nor understand what you are voting on. It is almost as if someone pulled a prank on Congress, except they appear to have pulled it on themselves. (via)

"Congress may be fined tens of millions of dollars a year under its own health-care law, in part because the bill dumps members of Congress and their staffs from their current health-care plans.

But no one really knows for sure what the bill does, not even the experts. For instance, exactly who qualifies as an “employer” — and therefore is subject to fines up to $3,000 per employee — is undefined in the bill.

If Congress were subject to a $3,000 fine for each of its employees, it would need to shell out approximately $50 million each year to Uncle Sam. Congress’s research arm, the Congressional Research Service (CRS), informally confirmed the possibility to Republican aides.


  1. Why do you care if people in congress are fined?

    Is the point of this to show how much confusion is create by the new law? if so, then you only have institutions like the Heritage Foundation to blame- they wrote the bill. It's a Republican bill through and through- If george bush was interested in health reform its hard to imagining him putting into law anything different.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - I do not care if they are fined; I care that no one seems to know what this monstrosity of a bill that the majority of people did not want and the Democrats may have had to bribe people to get passed does.

    This bill was not written by the Heritage Foundation, nor Republicans not a single one of which voted for it. It was written by Democrats behind closed doors where neither Republican nor media were permitted.

  3. the process by which the bill came to be was done by democratcs, but that just shows how right-wing the democrats are. The actual policy ideas, are 100 percent republican ideas, from republican organizations not like Heritage, but Heritage exactly. If george bush passed a single payer system I would think mayeb he is the greatest post war president, maybe very partisan democrats would oppose him, but that's them. If you are concered with the policy and its affect on our lives then your reaction would be different.


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