Monday, April 26, 2010

North Korea Accused of Sinking The South Korean Ship

This story just got a lot more interesting, and a lot more dangerous. Last month a South Korean ship sank killing dozens. The incident, which was widely to believed to be an accident, may have actually been an attack. Technically speaking the United States has been at war with North Korea since the Korean War but have not had a serious exchange of fire in half a century. A break out of hostilities would likely prove costly for the Americans stations on the DMZ, and certainly for South Korea who face the real prospect of having their capital turned to rubble; even if nuclear weapons do not come into play.

"North Korean soldiers believe a South Korean warship that sank last month was hit in a premeditated military operation approved by leader Kim Jong-Il, a South Korean activist said on Wednesday.

Pyongyang has denied it was responsible for the mystery blast near their disputed sea border, which left 46 sailors dead and further stoked tensions between the neighbours.

The suggestion that the North may have been responsible came as South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak called the communist North the world's "most belligerent" state.

Choi Sung-Yong, a campaigner for the return of South Koreans abducted by Pyongyang, told AFP: "Despite Pyongyang's denial, many North Korean soldiers believe a torpedo sank the ship."

Choi said his claim was based on a telephone conversation with an unnamed North Korean army officer. South Korean officials refused to comment.

Seoul has so far refrained from pointing the finger at the North over the sinking of the 1,200-tonne Cheonan on March 26 and said only that an "external explosion" was the most likely cause.

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