Monday, April 12, 2010 (via) is a site with the specified mission of infiltrating the Tea Party and acting in inappropriate ways to smear the movement. This concept is not a new one, but this site is getting a lot of attention. Ultimately, it may actually be counter productive. When ever you have a gathering of people you are likely to end up with a few crazies. People can agree on one point and not another; and with the intention of smearing the Tea Party the media will find people that agree with the Conservative/Libertarian views in the movement that may also harbor some objectionable opinions. The Tea Party movement does not agree with those views, but the media will try to paint the movement as extremest all believing that objectionable view. This site becomes counter productive because Tea Party groups can now point to that website if any of those people are found, planted or not, and say that the person is an agent of the site.

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