Sunday, October 11, 2009

"You Can't Arrest me, I'm Naked!"

I may not be an expert, but I am pretty sure stripping naked is not a good way to prevent being arrested. That is what police say a Wisconsin woman tried, unsuccessfully. Not that it is an excuse, but no surprise that alcohol may have had a hand in this.

Headline taken from Ann Althouse who links to;

"Police say a Wisconsin woman stripped in front of her children in an attempt to avoid arrest in connection with shoplifting, then scuffled with officers and exposed herself through a squad car window.
Police entered and tried to calm her down. With her children present, the complaint said, she stripped to her underwear and told the officers they couldn't arrest her because she would be naked.
While in the squad car on the way to the police station, the complaint said, Laack exposed her buttocks against the rear window.

The complaint said Laack had a preliminary blood-alcohol level of 0.112 percent. The legal blood-alcohol limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

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