Thursday, October 8, 2009

Facebook Looking at Another Redesign?

Facebook appears to be trying out another Redesign. This one specifically aimed at the news feed and home page. They seem to be incorporating some of the Facebook Lite (Berman Post: Facebook Lite Goes Live ( features into the main site. I will have to play around with it a bit myself before passing an official verdict, but from the screen shots (head to the source to see them) it seems like more of a hassle to update. It is unclear what you get in return for that.

"We have been tipped off that there may be an “improved” version of the Facebook news feed in the works. The new feed is not very different from the current one available, but it does lack Facebook’s signature “Publisher” box by default and instead simply features an alternating title and a button (positioned to the top right of the news feed) with the text “Update Status” which when clicked, displays the publisher box.Confirmed: Facebook design refreshment in the works [Screenshots] (updated)

The design also features a new “Top News” link (The link then switches to “Recent Stories” once you have clicked the “Top News” link) which shows an overview of the top news on your news feed (this seems to filter the feeds that have received the most comments/likes).
We have received confirmation from Facebook regarding the news feed and pass on the following statement:

“We are currently testing different designs of the News Feed and the home page with select users. The tests help us understand if we can make it easier for users to balance both the most important and the most recent information from people they’re connected to.”

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