Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Advanced Tactical Laser Hits a Moving Target

The successful test firing of the Advanced Tactical Laser on a stationary target is now old news. There has now been a successful hit on a moving target. This is the first successful hit on a target from the air born chemical laser mounted on a modified C-130H. There is no video or pictures, and details are scares, but it was confirmed as a hit.

"The defense contractor said Tuesday that its Advanced Tactical Laser aircraft in mid-September fired from the air and hit a vehicle moving on the ground. That bull's-eye marks the first time the modified C-130H has used its onboard chemical laser to strike a moving target. Boeing didn't offer specifics on the type of vehicle, other than to say it was remote-controlled, or how fast it was moving, nor did it give the airspeed or altitude for the aircraft."

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