Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Powermat Wireless Charger

Charge your electronic devise without plugging them in. Plug in the Powermat (, attach the 'receiver sleeve' to your electronic devise, then place the device on the mat. It is not cheap. The mat will set you back just under $100 and you have to fork over another $40 for each sleeve. This technology could have some serious potential.

"it turns out these bad boys are now available. If you don't recall the details, the Powermat is a one pad, one plug system designed to charge all your gadgets in one place -- refreshing! Your phone or DS or whatever you want to charge will need a Powermat Receiver sleeve, enabling it to lock onto the mat and charge in the amount of time it takes to charge up traditionally. At $99.99 (plus around $40 per receiver) ... . Powermat's lineup is now available at Best Buy and Target stores"

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