Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Incandescent Light Bulb to Become a Victim of The 'Nanny State'

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  1. Dear people of the world!

    What are we going to ban next that makes a lot of CO2?
    The internet (the servers produce a lot off CO2)
    Air conditioners in homes
    Heat installation in houses
    Cars that have a engine cylinder volume of more than 2 liters
    etc, etc.....

    Why can the people of the world not decide what they want to buy.
    If you want to buy quality it's cost more the incandescent bulb now.

    This banning of the bulb looks like mafia practice of the production company's.
    So they can make more profit of these new products. And worse of all the politics
    are buying it.

    People let be realistic banning the incandescent bulb is crazy, this is only the tip of a iceberg!
    What about the people of the 3rd world they never can buy such expensive bulbs.
    By banning these bulbs in 1st world countries the prices will rise of the incandescent bulbs.
    Because we are going to produce less of these bulbs.
    Lighting company are all ready stopping/ phasing out these production lines.

    Let put all our energy to start at the source of the problem, this by:

    Making green energy with the means of SOLAR POWER.....or other green methods.

    So we can still enjoy warm quality light of our incandescent bulbs with green energy...and enjoy all other luxury items that we are used to! And let people decide what to buy, incandescent bulbs or CFL or LED's. And in the meantime we can still upgrades these incandescent bulbs. See a example of a last inventions.

    Because if we really want to think green....we have to go back to the basics.
    Like the indians in the old days! we still want that?

    Mister ban no incandescent lamp


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