Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I [Reverse Swastika] Obama" Carved Into Lakeville Golf Course

In an act of vandalism, "I [Reverse Swastika] Obama" was carved into the green at Lakeville golf course large enough to be seen from the sky. It is being investigated by the Secret Service and being called a message of hate. I believe that it is a message of hate. What is rather pathetic though is the vandals got it wrong. While they likely meant to draw out a swastika they reversed it, with the bend in each prong in the wrong direction. What they actually created was what is believed to be an ancient religious symbol found in east Asian cultures/religions. In the western world, there is generally no distinction between the two as far as the public is concerned; and it is just recognized as a Nazi reference. The Nazi reference likely being what the vandals were going for.

Picture embedded below. (from http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO126794)

Via Drudge Report.

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  1. It's certainly an act of criminal vandalism, but I don't see any hate crime. Thomas Sowell, one of he most esteemed scholars at the Hudson Institute makes a compelling case that Obama is a fascist as opposed to a socialist. The evidence is hard to refute.

    Had the vandal(s) used KKK symbolism instead of a swastika, the "hate crime" issue would make much more sense.


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