Monday, October 19, 2009

First 1TB Portable Hardware-Encrypted Hard Drive

Concerned about your data falling into the wrong hands? This hardware-encrypted external drive could put your mind at ease. You have to punch in PIN number on the device itself before you can access the date. They make models up to 1TB in size, but it will cost you. They have smaller versions as well, but those are not cheap either. What your paying for is not the storage, but the security. If you are even considering buying one of these it is a chances are it is worth the price for your peace of mind.

"Questionably christened the world's first 1TB portable hardware-encrypted hard drive, Origin Storage's extra-capacious Data Locker Secure Drive is certainly the one to get if you're paranoid about whatever it is you'd keep on such a large platter. Also available in 750GB, 500GB and 320GB models, the drives are secured by AES hardware encryption and a 6 to 18 digit PIN number which must be entered directly onto the device itself before the contents become accessible. ... The 1TB edition will be available soon for £399 ($652), while the others are priced at £299 ($488), £239 ($390) and £180 ($294) from largest to smallest."

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