Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finland Makes Access to 1Mb Broadband a Legal Right

Finland just created a legal right for their citizens to have access to 1Mb Broadband. This the next step in their plan to give everyone a legal right to 100Mb broadband connection. Access to the internet is certainly important, but a legal right? I do not think that would fly in the United States, though it would probobly be an easier sell then mandatory health care.

"Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications has made 1-megabit broadband Web access a legal right, YLE, the country's national broadcasting company, reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, every person in Finland (a little over 5 million people, according to a 2009 estimate) will have the right of access to a 1Mb broadband connection starting in July. And they may ultimately gain the right to a 100Mb broadband connection.

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