Saturday, October 3, 2009

Emergency Dispatcher Answers Emergency Call About His Own House

Mike Bowes, an emergency dispatcher, was about an hour away from finishing his shift. He answered a call just as he has done countless times before, and heard the person on the other line call in a neighbors house on fire. They said the house exploded. Bowes asked for the address, and discovered the house on fire was his home of two decades.

"The 911 call came in about 10:45 p.m. Monday, a little more than an hour before Mike Bowes' shift ended.

My neighbor's house just blew up, the caller said.

"What's the address?" Mike Bowes asked patiently, just as he did with every emergency call for the past 11 years with the Quincy Police Department.

The caller frantically relayed the address, Bowes' home address for 20 years.

"It was shocking," Mike Bowes said. "I thought she was kidding. It's a long shot. I mean, what's the chances it will be your house?"

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