Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anita Dunn - "I Also Quoted Mother Teresa, But no One is Accusing me of Being a Saint!"

In the ongoing saga between White House Communications Director Anita Dunn and Glenn Beck (Fox News); Dunn 'called out' Fox News, Beck installed a 'Red Phone Hotline', then aired a tape where she said that Mao was one of her favorite philosophers, Dunn countered saying she was joking. Now she is adding to the counter by saying "Let it be noted that I also quoted Mother Teresa, but no one is accusing me of being a saint!"

I did not really believe her first excuse, but the second is just laughable. No one is accusing her of killing 70 million people, no one is accusing her of being responsible for more deaths then almost(?) anyone in history. The uproar is that you admire that person, the one who was responsible for a death toll so massive that the range between the high and low estimate by itself would be enough to put him toward the top of the list of mass murders. People are not concerned about her admiring Mother Teresa because she is was a good person; one of the most admired in recent times.

Here is that video again.

"In an e-mail message, Ms. Dunn said, “My source for the Mao quote was actually the late Lee Atwater, either in an article or bio I read after the 1988 election. Now that I’ve revealed this I hope I don’t get Keith Olbermann angry with me. Let it be noted that I also quoted Mother Teresa, but no one is accusing me of being a saint!”"

Via Gateway Pundit who opines; "Of course, Dunn's delayed response is ridiculous.
Her speech to high school students and their response showed she was serious about her praise for the Former mass-murdering Chinese communist dictator. Dunn went into some detail about why she so admired Mao but said next to nothing about Mother Teresa.

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