Monday, May 4, 2009

Emanuel -> Palestinians First, Then Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that Israeli policy would be one of dealing with Iran first, then the Palestinians (Berman Post: Netanyahu Playing Hardball with Obama? -> Iran First, Then Palestinians). I wrote in the last related post that this served Israel's interests, but Obama was unlikely to be happy with it. Obama's actions indicated that he wanted just the opposite; that he wanted to deal with the Palestinian issue first, and may not want to seriously deal with Iran at all (read the post linked to above).

Rahm Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff) said in a closed door AIPAC meeting that American policy was just the opposite. He said stopping Iran's nuclear program was conditioned on the progress of the peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

If true, this is beyond foolish. It shows a total lack of understanding that Iran is in no small part responsible for the continued violence against Israel. All Iran has to do to make sure the United States leave them alone is continue smuggling weapons to their proxies and tell them to continue fighting.

This puts the United States and Israel at an impasse at a minimum and potentially a collision course. I have already opined on what it could lead to and just how bad it would be at Berman Post: Obama Approved a Large Turkish Arms Sale to Lebanon. Brief synapses, Israel plus China equals trouble for the USA.

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