Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steve Fossett's Airplane Found

Millionaire Steve Fossett's airplane found that went crashed last year. While the crash almost certainly killed him, and indeed the courts have ruled him legally dead, no body has yet been found.

The search was renewed when hikers stumbled across a sweatshirt and an identification card belonging to Steve Fossett yesterday. This brings the renewed prospects of closing this sad chapter in his family's lives by burying the body once it is finally found.

"Authorities have found the plane Steve Fossett was flying when he disappeared last year, but they have not found the millionaire adventurer's body, the Madera County, California, sheriff said Thursday."

Update (10/2/2008 7:15PM): Reports are filtering through that human remains have now been found. It seems as if the family after more than a year of waiting finally has a body to bury.

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