Friday, October 24, 2008

One of the biggest problem in both archiving data and transferring it from computer to computer is file type (or format) conflicts. If your file is a format that the computer can not read, it is useless until you can convert it into another, readable format.

While the process is not impossible, nor really that hard to someone with a little technical know how, it can be time consuming. You have to find a program, make sure it is legitimate/safe, download it, install the program, run the program, figure out how to use it, and finally convert the file. simplify the process. To convert a file simply go to the website, upload your file, tell it what format you want the file converted to, and give the email address you want the converted file sent to. Simple, and no software to deal with. This is especially useful if your working on friend or family member's computer who does not want new software installed on the computer. It is also a nice solution because you do not have to get new software every time a new file type is created that you need to convert to or from. The website to keep updated.

I the spirit of converting, the site offers unit convention (ex. feet to meters) at

As well as sending converted files from the site by using their email address in the conversion process instead of your own, the website also allows you to send non converted files at

Lastly, the site allows for easy video file download conversion. It only works for a handful of sites, the most noteworthy being All you need to do is go to, insert the URL of the video you want to download, enter the email address you want the file sent to, and tell the website what format you want the video file to be. It may even be easier than (Berman Post:

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