Saturday, October 11, 2008

United States Removes North Korea From List of Countries Sponsoring Terrorism

The United States today removed North Korea from it's list of countries sponsoring terrorism. In exchange, North Korea promised to continue on the path of nuclear disarmament and allow both United States and United Nations inspectors back into the country.

What is the likelihood of this working? Well, North Korea likely already has a few nuclear weapons. The chances of anyone finding the "few" they opt not to turn over is less then slim. They have also gone back on their word on this matter so frequently it is almost a joke that we would believe them this time. On the other hand, not much is lost on this gamble. If we find evidence of the North Koreans going back on this deal they can be put back on the list as easily as they were taken off.

"The United States on Saturday removed North Korea from its terrorism blacklist in a bid to revive faltering denuclearization talks in the final months of the Bush administration.

The decision was made after North Korea agreed to a series of verification measures of its nuclear facilities, said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

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