Monday, October 27, 2008

Barbara West Interviews Joe Biden

Barbara West gave Joe Biden a tough interview, tougher then he has gotten in a long time. Indeed, probobly tougher than either Biden or Obama has received in a very long time. That in itself made it interested, put what has made it especially news worthy is the fall out afterwords. It appears that the Obama campaign is punishing Barbara West's station (WFTV-TV) by freezing them out of any further interviews. They canceled one scheduled interviewed and indicated that no other ones would be scheduled for at least the rest of the campaign.

First a citizen was punished for asking a question (Joe the Plumber), now journalists are being punished for asking questions; who is left? It is a scary prospect when no one can ask the potential leaders of the free world a question without fear of reprisals.

Video embedded below.

(Link to official video

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