Friday, October 24, 2008

Dow Down More Than 312 Points, Started Off Worse

Markets worldwide took a hard hit today. Asian markets were down about ten percent while European markets were down about five percent. The Dow ended down 312.30 points. It could have been much worse. When I woke up this morning the Dow futures were down 550 points, the down limit. In that context, the 312 point drop does not seem as bad. Still, we are talking about a lot of value loss. I heard on the news that five trillion dollars of value was lost today globally, but have yet to find a secondary source to back that up so take that number with a grain of salt. Either way, markets around the world are at levels that have not been seen in years.

"Market Snapshot

DJIA 8,378.95 -312.30 -3.59%
Nasdaq 1,552.03 -51.88 -3.23%
S&P 500 876.77 -31.34 -3.45%

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