Friday, October 10, 2008

Gmail Blog - Advanced IMAP Controls

Google has rolled out optional advanced IMAP controls for Gmail. Simply put, IMAP is a web mail syncing protocol that downloads your emails on to your computer and uploads the email from your computer to your web mail. I use IMAP to routinely download my email to my computer as a back up. As far as I know Google has never lost one of my email's, but considering all the important reference information in most people's email account's it is always a good idea to have a back up.

"From the team that brought you Mail Goggles, here comes...Advanced IMAP Controls, a Labs feature that lets you fine-tune your Gmail IMAP experience. You can choose which labels to sync in IMAP -- useful if you find your mail client choking on a big [Gmail]/All Mail folder.

After enabling this Lab, just go to the Labels tab under Settings. You'll see a new 'Show in IMAP' checkbox next to each of your labels. Uncheck the box and the corresponding folder will disappear from IMAP.

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