Friday, October 31, 2008


People always tell you their is nothing like your first time. You do not really know how true that is until you experience it for yourself. Yesterday, I was "InstaLaunched".

For those unfamiliar with the term, an "InstaLaunch" is when Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit links to your blog. The resulting massive increase in traffic is referred to as an "InstaLaunch".

Now for some numbers. Since I started the Berman Post in early July through two days ago (October 29th), we had a total of 8,000 visitors exactly. Since setting up my Feed about a week and half ago, I had acquired roughly a dozen subscribers. Not a bad numbers in my potentially bias opinion considering it has been just me and I have not used advertising, nor done much promotion until roughly two weeks ago. Even then, that promotion was just sending out a few emails to bloggers I thought might be interested in a post I wrote.

The coveted Instapundit "InstaLaunch" link was posted at 2:20pm by Glenn Reynolds ( What was the result?

Yesterday alone (October 30th) the Berman Post had 4,102 visitors. Quick math; that is a more than 51% increase in total visitors to this site in a single day! As for my subscribers; a roughly 300% increase in total from the day before.

The trick becomes retaining some of those new visitors to increase my daily average.

Now there is a downside to the "InstaLaunched". The graphs of various statistics regarding my site now look like a flat line with a few small bumps and one massive spike. All things considered, it is worth it.

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