Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Just One Vote" - Judicial Confirmation Network TV Ad

The Judicial Confirmation Network is trying to push the Supreme Court issue into the voters mind again with their new ad. The ad may be well put together, but the message seems to be getting drowned out by the slumping economy.

Video embedded below.


  1. hope we get that one more radical vote...'under god' needs to be OUT of the pledge.

  2. I will likely vote for Barack Obama. I am not part of any "usual pro-abortion constituency" as the JCN website claims. Using this terminology to refer to supporters of freedom and rationality is disturbing. If you make 250k plus, you can afford the extra taxes. The large majority of American DO NOT, and likely NEVER WILL. As for Obama as some kind of "socialist," we already live in a pretty big socialist country. Social Security is 25% of the national budget. And the fact is that tracked over the last century, income gaps between the rich and the poor are narrower during Democratic presidencies than during Republicans, where as rich people don't fair too differently -- basically, poor and middle classes do better and the rich do fine..

  3. Yea if you make 250k plus and GET TO KEEP it you can afford it. The problem is that most small businesses put the majority of their profits back into the business itself to grow the following year instead of keeping it for themselves. I know because I own a small business and my parents own a small business. And what happens when businesses grow? More people get hired! More money is spent on resources for that business! Not to mention the fact that a lot of small business owners work 10 or 12+ hours a day. The work continues even after you go home at night too. My dad once worked 56 hours straight plowing snow. He doesn't keep all that money. It goes into equipment. And then he gets taxed out the *** for it anyway.


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