Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Ads in Your Video Game

Proving once again that the Obama campaign is exceptional at what they do, they have broken new virtual ground. For the first time in history a presidential candidate is running ads inside video games. These ads will be in Xbox Live games. They will appear on billboards and other assorted signs that you see in normal game play. If your are wondering how the ads got into your game when you bought it before the Obama campaign made the ad purpose, the answer is through the live updates. The game manufactures say that these ads have the added effect of making the games more realistic. If you agree with that then it is a win-win for everyone. Obama gets more advertising space and potential additional eyeballs, and the user gets a more realistic experience. Lets not forget that some people are also making money here. Chances are good that future campaigns will buy similar ads.

"Nine video games from Electronic Arts Inc., ranging from the extremely popular "Madden 09" football game to the street racing "Burnout: Paradise," feature in-game ads from the Obama campaign. The ads—they appear on billboards and other signage—remind players that early voting has begun and plug a campaign Web site.
The Democrat's ads are aimed at gamers who like sports, including NASCAR, NBA, NHL and skateboarding, meaning EA Sports' motto, "It's in the game," now applies to presidential politics as well.

EA spokeswoman Holly Rockwood would not say how much the ads cost, but she said they are running on the Xbox Live versions of the game through Nov. 3. They began earlier this month.

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