Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dow Closes up 889.35 Points

The Dow ended the day up 899.35 points easily breaking back through the 9,000 point mark. This is the second highest one day point gain for the Dow. That was an almost 11 percent gain. The S&P 500 was also up nearly 11 percent with a 91.59 point gain, and the Nasdaq was up roughly 9.5 percent gaining 142.57 points.

Today helped to erase some of the recent losses, but without a few more like it this October could still end up being among the worst months in history.


"Market Snapshot

DJIA 9,065.12 889.35 10.88%
Nasdaq 1,649.47 143.57 9.53%
S&P 500 940.51 91.59 10.79%
S&P/TSX 9,151.63 614.29 7.20%

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