Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Imagine" - NRA Ad

The National Rifle Association is pretty forceful in their allegation that Obama will take away your right to defend yourself with a gun inside your home.

Background sorry is under the video.

Video embedded below.

Via Hot Air

"At the time, Wilmette had its ban in place for 14 years.  When the state legislature discovered that Wilmette had essentially charged DeMar for defending his home, several members moved a new law that essentially barred prosecution on handgun bans that arose from incidents of true self-defense.  That bill, SB2165, was filed within three weeks of the incident, and took four months to wend its way through the legislature.

On May 25, 2004, the bill finally passed both houses — but without the support of Barack Obama.   He voted against SB2165, which didn’t even go so far as to remove the Wilmette handgun ban, but only prevented enforcement in cases of real self-defense.  It passed nonetheless, 41-16.

However, the governor vetoed the bill almost three months later, while the legislature was out of session.  The original sponsor, Edward Petka, then moved to override the veto in November, and Obama didn’t vote at all on this day.  The veto got overridden anyway.


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