Sunday, September 14, 2008

You find your self browsing through some videos on YouTube when you come across one you want to save on your computer. Now what? There are a few different ways to download the video in question, but most are relatively complicated for the less tech savy among us.

Enter Downloading a YouTube video with is as easy as typing the work "kiss" into the URL, and then clicking the download button.

To illustrate; you come across the video "" and want to save it to your computer. This simple process starts with the insertion of the word "kiss" into the URL, "" (bold an capitalization added for emphasis) and hitting the enter key. That will take you to the webpage where this is a download button.

In order for the video to work you must remember (and the site prompts you) to add ".flv" to the end of your video (Video example.flv). links to free FLV video players and video converters at

For the website to work you must have Java or a Java enabled browser, which most people have. If you do not, you can download Java for free at

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