Friday, September 26, 2008

Microsoft to Debut "Pre-Beta" of Windows 7 at the End of October

Microsoft announced it will hand out a "pre-beta" of Windows 7 at its upcoming Professional Developers Conference at the end of October. It is not clear what will be included in this "pre-beta" software package.

This is a good sign for those that have been desperately trying to avoid Vista without switching to Macs, while watching their computers slowly become painfully outdated and die. For Microsoft's sake, and the sake of their stock holders, lets hope that people like what they see and do not just see Windows 7 in the same light as Vista.,2817,2331205,00.asp

"Microsoft will hand out a "pre-beta" build of Windows 7 at its Professional Developers Conference on Oct. 28, the company said.

The PDC will also include 22 sessions on Windows 7 and its related technologies, indicative that the software giant is shifting its focus to its next-generation operating system. There are no sessions explicitly categorized as designed for Windows Vista on the list of sesssions Microsoft has placed on the PDC site.

Microsoft did not explain what the "pre-beta" software to be handed out at PDC would include.

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