Sunday, September 21, 2008

Israel Police Use "Skunk Bombs" Against Protesters

This story flew under the radar given the Russia-Georgia conflict but is worth mentioning even at this late date.

A "Skunk Bomb" is a type of non lethal weapon and is unlikely to cause any permanent damage, save perhaps someone with significant preexisting respiratory issues. But even there, it seems at least as safe if not safer than most non lethal weapons.

Spraying people has two main effects. The first is trying to make people want to leave to clean them selves to get rid of the smell. The second may be to hinder the people sprayed from leading a crowd.

The main draw back to this technology is that some people may chose to just deal with the smell. That can be from either not caring about the odor or wearing mask/filter. Also, once the person is sprayed the prospects of them being arrested would seem to drop. It is doubtful that the cops want to drag these people into their vehicles nor bring them to prison.

"Israeli police say the new crowd-control method, which they call a "skunk bomb," was used for the first time Friday in the village of Naalin. Palestinians have been holding almost daily protests against a security barrier that Israel is building in the area.

Israeli police say a water-spraying device showered the liquid on the demonstrators, forcing most to rush off to change their clothes.

Israeli officials say skunk bombs are a non-lethal method of dispersing Palestinians who throw stones and fight with Israelis guarding the construction of the barrier.

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